Editorial Manager

A workflow solution for scholarly publishers

Editorial workflow

Adapted to scientific publishing, the plateform allows to manage the workflow of the full publishing process (submission, referee, peer-reviewing, validation). Editor leads the editorial process from end-to-end.

Editing Tools

Adapted to scientific content (in Latex or full text similar to Google docs - co-writting - manage the historic of modifications). Possibility to drop your current pdf or your word document. Selection of the pdf template output. Automation of bibliographic referencing, alerts on references linked to retracted articles

Data visualization

Accelerate the reviewing process with an access of the article data. Sample scripts to visualize the data (python or R language). Enrich your article with the right data. Never lose your data again.

Peer-reviewing manager

Manage the reviewer commits (open or close reviewing). Thanks to the Reviewer Matcher editor can obtain a list of the most adapted reviewers to contact. (More details). Possibility to add reviewer reports at the end of the published article.

Reviewing tools

Reviewers annotations allow to interact directly in the manuscrit

APC support

Manage the article publication charge on a case-by-case basis (laboratory, institution, public agencies...)


Automatic request of DOI (digital object identification) for each article (pre-print and submission) or data, in order to facilitate its referencing by other researchers who wish to quote them.

Reviewer Search Engine

Help your associate editors to find quickly the best reviewer

Save your time

Finding reviewers has never been so fast


Easily find the right reviewer for your cross-disciplinary article


Editor can select some suggested reviewers, a email can be automatically sent to a selection of reviewers with a customizable template.

Diversify your reviewers

Avoid to contact everytime the same reviewers

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